Autumn Music List

Hello there! I wanted to start popping into seasons and holidays and find out what everyone listens to during those timeframes to get into the spirit. I’ve gotten all of these playlists, these songs, and programming from people who visit the website and from my pals on social media – not just my friends and family.

Keep in mind that you can visit whichever platform you prefer and search for Fall or Autumn songs and playlists. You can pick and choose your own music or enjoy a curated playlist someone else suggests. No matter how you do it, it’s time to get into the Fall Mood!

This is an indie artist that has been included on other playlists with various versions of this song, but this is his original. If you want something lighter, look up the “Organic Edit”. Should you want to hear more from Michael Lane, find him and his music here:

Now, if you’re into ambiance more than music, I’ve found some cozy autumn ambiance with a channel called Autumn Cozy. One of their videos is below.

They also have some videos for the ambiance that contain a bit of music as well.

Children of Indigo (not to be confused with the Dallas Hip-Hop/Rap group of the same name) is an indie-folk band from Canada and I hope they keep making music. They only joined YouTube in 2018, but they caught me with this song, which I felt was appropriate to a great Autumn playlist. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the song on their own channel, so here it is from another.

Now, if you want some smooth jazz to round out your playlist for Fall, Relax Cafe Music has you covered. I will sometimes just let this run in the background of whatever I’m doing. They have additions for every moment or every season. This happens to be the playlist for Autumn with smooth jazz piano –

How could you have an Autumn playlist without the classics? How about some Ella Fitzgerald or some Nat King Cole?

I know some people may not see it as an Autumn song, but Dream a Little Dream is one of my favorites. So here is the absolute BEST version (at least in my opinion…)

If you want more classics pulled together in a playlist, you can find those on YouTube or Spotify already curated for your convenience. Or you can make your own!

Okay, yes they are mainstream, but I couldn’t have an Autumn playlist without Green Day’s “When September Ends”.

Yes, there is a full theatrical video for this song, but I’m really just interested in the music…

I fell in love with these two artists and their Fall creation not long ago. Brendan Abernathy and Eleanore Rue got together to make “Leaf Stains”. I look forward to more from both of them. To be honest, these two give me Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz vibes.

One of my favorite composers is Adrian von Ziegler and he has some gorgeous symphonic and instrumental music that will quench one’s thirst for Autumn vibes. I will be showcasing him in an article at the end of this month, so be sure to look for it!

How about another classic? It’s Glenn Miller and his Orchestra –

Calmed by Nature is another favorite ambiance with music channel that I listen to. This one in particular gets played over and over again, usually while I am cooking up some magic in the kitchen. But they have so many others to choose from. Each is usually themed around the season you need, so enjoy!

If you liked this, there are several other companies that put out similar music that you might like, Cafe Music BGM channel is one of them.

A new artist I’ve found because of looking for the right indie-rock-alternative fall vibes is Mothé. He has a YouTube channel as well, and from there I found this little gem:

If you’re more into lofi music, my suggestions would be to just toss that genre into the search engines. I’ve found several that are Autumn or Fall themed music in that style. This one is pretty cool…

Also, I wanted to give a shout-out to the alexrainbirdMusic channel on YouTube. They introduce me to a lot of indie artists in the folk and rock genres. They’ve recently surpassed the 1 million mark for subscribers – congratulations! Here is one of their Autumn playlists –


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