Staff Picks: April 2021


Okay, it’s that time again – you know, when we tell you things that piqued our interest here at Untapped Sound for the previous month. And that month was – APRIL 2021. 

In the industry – 

Looks like I’m going to write an article about NFTs sooner rather than later! People are on both sides of the aisle when it comes to BFT and Bitcoin, and both of those things play a role in the music industry right now. Artists are recording NFTs of sessions and one-of-a-kind recordings of their music or video moments to sell. Some music platforms are deciding on whether to accept bitcoin for purchases. Rolling Stone published an article about it earlier this year – “Music’s Potential Cryptocurrency Boom: A Field Guide”.  And it looks like Beatport is on board with not only bitcoin, announcing in April that it will begin accepting this as currency in June. They won’t be the first music depository to trade music for cryptocurrency, but they are the largest so far.  Also, they released their first NFT, “Music for Future Dance Floors” in April as well. It included exclusive music from multiple artists accompanied by visual art.  So, you see, these things are kind of big in the industry right now. 

I’ve found a wonderful series of videos that recap things we may have missed in the music industry. The latest one is called “What You Missed in April 2021” by Sweetwater. Catch up on things we didn’t include as our “staff picks” there! The Sweetwater team is knowledgeable and fun to watch. 

Let’s go over all of our previously mentioned artists and see if they had anything going on in April 2021 – 

MODSUN dropped the official “Flames” acoustic version on his YouTube and it of course features Avril Lavigne. This one will always be on my writing playlist. But wait, there’s more! He also let go of his entire Internet Killed the Rockstar Deluxe Album. You can find the playlist on YouTube to see if you like it, but it’s also available for download at your favorite service, here – 

The Hunter Brothers released “Been A Minute” in April. They also star in an acoustic version  which sounds awesome. I love this group – and I’m not usually a country gal that listens to country music. I guess I’ve gotten a bit tired of it, but these guys are making me take another listen!  I think this is my favorite April pick, because as I was doing my research for this article, I kept it on loop and was reluctant to change to another artist. This song just HAS IT. 

You can get the download at your favorite service, here –

Carsie Blanton and her band had a huge Kickstarter Album release in April. Love and Rage surpassed expectations and they even have – The making of LOVE & RAGE video. She has a review now on NPR – “Carsie Blanton’s Open-Hearted Protest Album Is Equal Parts ‘Love & Rage’”. You can get the download at your favorite service, here –

Teddy Swims released a new official music video on the 23rd called “Bed On Fire.” You can get the download at your favorite service, here –

Now, from artists I’ll be featuring soon, comes the following updates – 

Moving from his normal style of music, Sam Tinnesz released “Wild Blood” featuring Pep Squad in April. Then right at the end of the month, he dropped “World Gone Wild” featuring UNSECRET.  This one has more of that epic sound I’ve come to expect from Sam. 

CAGED BIRDS FT. NELL [SIO EDITION]” that Tobe Nwigwe released at the end of April really touches on the relationships between parents and children. As he says in the description, “Featuring the feelings of a 12 year old named Jordan. Use it to start a conversation with your kids about emotional well-being. Listen to the full Sound it Out album and get tips and tools at”  I look forward to having him and his music as a feature on the website very soon. 

K.Flay, an artist that worked with X Ambassadors and grandson last year (“Zen” was the name of that fun little piece) – released the official video for “Four Letter Words” – and it is entertaining as hell. The song gets under your skin and you can’t help but vibe to it, but the animation in the video just makes me smile and nod with empathy. 

I have an entire list of artists that I have yet to write features on, but I cannot wait to get into them. I’ll be sitting here at my desk vibing while writing up biographies for Untapped Sound. Check out the artists in our Staff Picks from the month of April, but always come back to see who else we’re talking about. We add more content weekly.

Rachel Adams

I would have previously thought of myself as an audiophile. But by gaming and listening to my children and their friends, I've been introduced to an entire realm of artists that are not on the radio.