Getting To Know The Flow Of Dax – A Fan’s Guide

Immediately, his About Page on YouTube grabs me with this line, “Hip Hop Artist currently creating something from absolutely nothing.” Okay. He was recommended to me, so I’m going to find out more. 

Who is Dax? Dax is a rapper that is proud to be completely independent. He has amassed a huge YouTube following (over 3 million) and continues to grow, despite his music usually being volatile. His music and the videos he creates are there to open a discourse about everything from religion to politics to culture and the need for change.


Daniel Nwosu, Jr. was born in 1994 in Ottawa, Canada. He was a stand-out basketball player before he got into music. He was actually an MVP in high school, then moved on to All-Heartland Conference while at Newman University. 

During college, he also worked as a janitor. Dax began with poetry and spoken word and has since moved into Hip-Hop. He also has been a motivational speaker. 

He opened his YouTube channel in 2012 but didn’t really start posting his music there until 2016. 

Around 2015 he began using the tactics of many YouTube performers that have hit it big, he also released covers of songs from famous artists like Eminem, Ed Sheeran, as well as Tupac. 

After posting the 2017 song “Cash Me Outside” – a parody of a young Danielle Bregoli (Bhad Bhabie) talking smack on the Dr. Phil Show, his channel blew up. 

Later that year, he remixed “Changes” by Tupac, the man who had the most influence on his art. 

He says he had a dream of Tupac Shakur telling him to turn his poetry into music. And that’s what he did with “Dear God”.  He understands marketing and visibility. His channel has grown quickly since, allotting him the chance to remain independent as an artist.

2018 he also became a feature on the YouTube channel WorldStarHipHop.
His first tour was in 2018 but he is focused more on releasing music to his YouTube channel at the moment. In the past year, he has released 20 full videos for his songs on YouTube.

Right before that he’d dropped his EP I’ll Say It For You. He has several one-take and freestyle videos and songs in the bunch, proving that as a creator he is both prolific and talented. Dax has released a new single on YouTube every month, sometimes twice a month in 2021. He remixes standards and offers new material. He also stays on top of topics in today’s media and current events.


He is influenced by Tupac Shakur because Tupac began by writing poetry before rapping and moving into Hip Hop. And Dax was into poetry before rap. The man also made an impact with his words and music, and this is what Dax wants to do. 

Tupac is such an influence that Dax actually remixed one of Shakur’s hits, “Hit em Up”

Daniel is also inspired and supported by his parents. He’s a man who wanted to make an impact in people’s lives with his music. It seems like he’s getting there.

His work is about life and it’s about what should be spoken. As he stated recently in an update release after he reached 3 million subscribers on YouTube, 

“3 MILLION YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you. My secret? I focus on building with the people who support instead of arguing with those who don’t. I made a promise to myself 5 years ago after I lost my D1 scholarship at the University of Montana and that was to never let another human being validate me again.

We are all validated in the eyes of God and when you look in the mirror every morning you’re staring at his creation. For that reason alone it’s your responsibility to CO-SIGN YOURSELF.  This is all music, all independent, all the family, no tricks, no secrets, my words, and just WORK. Relentless, obsessive and borderline psychotic amounts of work. This is passion and love for what I do. This is impact. Thank you all.”


He is such a showman and his rapping talent rivals those who are well-known in the industry. As he has stated in the past, poetry and the desire to put something into the world that will last forever brought him and the people will keep him.


He has collaborated with Hopsin, K.A.A.N., Futuristic, Bhad Bhabie, OT Genasis, and Tech N9ne. He’s also collaborated with Quadeca, Crypt, and Deji. 

Considering he has over 3 million subscribers, Dax is not afraid of flexing his power toward other social media stars.  He’s put out diss parodies of other performers, including Pewdipie and Danielle Bregoli (Bhad Bhabie) – the second became a hit “Cash Me Outside” that helped promote both performers.  

He’s also wound up in a feud with British YouTuber KSI. When KSI appeared on a podcast claiming he can out-rap Dax and many other YouTuber rappers. Dax responded to KSI in one of his “Killshot” freestyles, telling him to not mention his name.  They’ve dissed one another back and forth on their own forums and in collaborations with other people. All in all, these look to be marketing “beefs” made to generate sales and more subscribers. This was something explained by him about a diss to Torey Lanez – who Dax stated made the challenge. He wasn’t sure why the other Canadian rapper decided his comeback was too much, but he’s since apologized for it because he knew it wasn’t serious.



  • It’s Different Now   2018
  • I’ll Say It For You 2020

He has released several singles before and since, including:

  • She Cheated Again
  • Rap God Freestyle
  • Joker and Joker Returns
  • Coronavirus
  • Faster
  • Gotham
  • I don’t want another sorry
  • Love Hurts

             …not to mention his “Self Proclaimed” storyline, his “freestyle” and one-take videos, and his collaborations with other artists.

Dax was once asked, where should new listeners begin? And he recommends his song,

 “I Want” because there is a very deep message inside of a hit melody. He feels that if they just want to feel the music, they can, but if they listen to the words, it might change their outlook on life. 

Dax has recently moved over the 3 million subscriber mark on YouTube, and also, his controversial and yet needed song “Dear God” has become a full-on success. 

“DEAR GOD” hit 30 MILLION VIEWS  and 30 MILLION STREAMS . INDEPENDENTLY! Amazing. It has also now been added to multiple University Theology Curriculums around the world and will also be in multiple upcoming movies. Thank you all. We are the label! This song still has billions more to touch and I believe it will for generations to come. Thank you for helping me spread it. We are proving everyday that SUBSTANCE still matters. What we’ve done with this song independently is remarkable and we are just getting started.”


Recently, Dax has continued to drop a new video on YouTube monthly or more, and his most recent additions in 2021 were a tribute for Mother’s Day called “Dear Mom”, his own “RAP DEMIGOD” and some great remix songs that are updated for current events. Check out his links below.




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