Untapped Holiday Music

Goodbye, Mariah Carey. No offense, but All I want for Christmas is a new variety of songs and artists on my playlist! Please!  And since that’s what I want, I guess I should be the one putting in the work to make that happen, huh?

Sometimes, you just want to relax and enjoy some cozy background music and ambiance while you’re working on something else. That’s understandable. So, what do you think about Coffee Shop and Low Jazz? Or maybe some Lofi would hit your mood? But you really want to keep it in tune with the holiday season. Not a problem. 

One of my and my husband’s favorite artists is Harris Heller. He’s the inspiration for James to play around with GDM (Geek Digital Music) in his free time and also a wonderful source of good information about being a creator. He’s put together a great set of holiday music, it’s completely copyright-free (like all of his other music) and he encourages people to use it on their streams and just link back to give him credit.

Lofi Geek has a lot of Christmas music already LIVE on YouTube. They have multiple choices for themes in their lofi selections, and multiple choices even for the style of holiday lofi you may want to listen to.

Calmed By Nature is one of my favorite go-to’s for ambiance and soft jazz that helps my mind relax and also focus. They actually have themed recordings for each season and multiple holidays. 

TERAVIBE is a similar channel, but they tend toward a more unusual ambiance with their music.

What if you want something more classic? You know, something that can stay in the background of a party and be enjoyed, but doesn’t necessarily have the ambient sounds added into it? Just music – soft or instrumental, maybe? Well, then take a listen to these lovelies – 

Relax Cafe is known for its long-form-themed music. This happens to be 10 hours of relaxing, slow Christmas instrumental music by Brian Grey. But they often also have a LIVE STREAM going worldwide. So look for those.

BGMC or Cafe Music BGM Channel creates its own music and distributes it. They are a quartet and they try to distribute their music everywhere. They also have themed music, mostly Jazz, and often have LIVE content available for each season. 

Why do so many Jazz Music channels begin each holiday piece with Auld Lang Syne? Sorry, I suppose that was a curious question my brain spoke and my fingers typed.

Need something with a metal edge? Hell yeah! Now we’re talking! Who wouldn’t like to spice up that holiday mood? 

You don’t just have the Trans Siberian Orchestra for that. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. If you can go to their show, go for it! You will not be disappointed, and they always promote giving back to local charities wherever they go.

Check out the artist behind audio for interactive media such as the Killing Floor Collection. Killing Floor 2 was very much a horror-holiday game, and as such there was a soundtrack full of metal carols.

Winter’s End also has some amazing sounds for when you can’t decide between metal and holiday music…

So what about something entertaining? Something that’s maybe classic, but done in a new style? Covers as well as overlooked hits are always a great escapade of new discoveries.

Let’s start with something from Johnny Cash, shall we? He’s famous, sure… but the song is not so much so. So I included it. 

Willow Spiritwolf Phoenix (@WillowS_Phoenix) on Twitter recommended Corey Feldman’s version of Jingle Bell Rock. I kinda like it… It is just as unusual as the man who performed it.


Barenaked Ladies actually have a Christmas Album, too! I never realized this. So, I thought, why not try it out. They have several good versions of old classics, but one of the faves is the one I’m sharing.

What about a classic that’s hardly ever on any playlists I hear for Christmas? Louis Prima was a bandleader and trumpeter in the big band era. Rooted in New Orleans jazz, he would go on to be known as the King of Swing. His song “What Will Santa Clause Say?” can give you a break from the over-saturated songs you hear everywhere this season.

How about some comedy? I mean, that’s what John Legend went for when he agreed to produce “Nutmeg” for Stephen Colbert’s 2008 Christmas Special. Sexual Innuendos reign supreme!


By the way, Teddy Swims has “A Very Teddy Christmas” available, and he’s one of our featured artists on Untapped Sound. https://teddyswims.lnk.to/averyteddychristmasep

What about the place that might have been long forgotten? Folk music came first. So… what about we try out some good ones in those genres? 

Sylvan Wandering has beautiful traditional sounds in their music, leaning more into the pagan path for Yule and Winter.

Miguel Berkemeier has composed for us a collection of his own music for Yule.

And for me, the listing couldn’t possibly be complete without one of my all-time favorites. Dar Williams sings about a wild time between a family with mixed religious views. It’s a true treat. 

And where does magic come from? I think magic’s in the learning,

‘Cause now when Christians sit with Pagans only pumpkin pies are burning

Dar Williams

Keep in mind that you can do your own searches, especially on YouTube to find the right sound you’re looking for. 

What treasures of music do you have to share? Anything out of the ordinary that tickles your fancy? Let me know on my Twitter thread made especially for this occasion and for low-key collecting new music to be mood music for a few holiday tales I’m writing. I’ll be sure to add more as I get suggestions or as our Untapped Sound artists release them.  


"I would have previously thought of myself as an audiophile. But by gaming and listening to my children and their friends, I've been introduced to an entire realm of artists that are not on the radio. I wanted to share them and things I learn about music as I research - with you!"