Where in the World is Trio Mandili From & Why You Will Like Them

You cannot get purer folk music than having three friends singing as they walk through their village while one plays a traditional instrument from their culture. Sharing this with the world is what brought so much attention to a group that later named themselves Trio Mandili (მანდილი, “three in headscarves”). 

They are a Georgian musical group which currently consists of Tatuli Mgeladze (თათული მგელაძე) who performs lead and backing vocals, Tako Tsiklauri (თაკო წიკლაური) who performs backing and occasional lead vocals, and Mariam Kurasbediani (მარიამ ქურასბედიანი) who performs backing and occasional lead vocals along with being the panduri player. They perform polyphonic singing accompanied by the panduri, a traditional three-stringed lute from the highland and lowland regions of eastern Georgia while filming in scenic locations of the suburbs.

In 2014, three charming girls from Georgia “blew up” the World Wide Web and became stars. Their musical careers began when the three friends, during a walk in the village, decided to sing a song. During a walk, they decided to sing a song named ‘Apareka’. Tatuli, one of the three friends, made a selfie video and uploaded it. See the original below:


The video now has close to 7 million views on their YouTube channel; with several million views on other platforms. Their most-viewed song, however, is a Georgian song called ‘Ai Dunia’. With 14 million views and counting on YouTube, it is Trio Mandili’s chartbuster. 

Celebrating India’s 72nd Republic Day, a Georgian band performed a cover on the Bappi Lahari’s popular song ‘Goron Ki Na Kalon Ki’ (English translation: Not to fair-skinned people or dark-skinned people, the world belongs to those with good hearts) from the 1982-hit film Disco Dancer and posted it on their channel. The song garnered views not only in their homeland but throughout eastern Asia. Needless to say, Indians loved it. “Music indeed has no boundaries,” a user on YouTube commented.

In 2015, Trio Mandili released its first album titled “With Love”. The group actively tours around the world, participates in festivals of folk music, and gives solo concerts. The singers have already visited Belgium, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and Russia. “Trio Mandili” is a frequent guest of popular TV and radio shows in different countries. “Enguro”, the second album of the band has been released in 2017. With this album, the trio introduces new lyrical compositions to the accompaniment of popular folk instruments in honor of “the unique spirit of picturesque Georgia and the breadth of the soul of the Georgian people.”

The three-member girl band reportedly works under Edel Italia and Merlin Nose Records. Luckily for us, management and marketing haven’t changed the way these artists make their music. 

They are constantly bringing people from a worldwide audience into their lives in the Caucasus region. It’s really the emotional depth of their singing and the simplistic delivery of the old folk songs that capture a listener’s heart. Our world is so full of auto-tuned voices and thrumming music that pushes into us from the popular music zone – that this group is a welcome retreat. 

Another fan summed it up quite nicely on Twitter: “You guys are pure love. I don’t understand a word of what you sing, but still, I have heard every song.”

Another from Facebook says something similar: “Didn’t understand a single work but enjoyed it. This is why they say, music has no language.” 

I believe they meant, music has no barriers. Considering Trio Madili’s popularity, I would tend to agree. The group has over one million subscribers on YouTube and Facebook, where most of their fans and interactions take place. They rank in the thousands on Instagram and Twitter. Fans from all over the world watch girls’ creations with interest and you can tell they have warmed the hearts of many. 

The group adds to social media often, and so you can find new videos there and enjoy their lovely harmonizing and beautiful backdrops all over the country. 


  • With Love    2015
  • Enguro        2017


WEBSITE: http://triomandili.com/

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ucvC0OrD2BQUmEec5NJeg

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/triomandili.band

MERCH: https://www.georgianarts.com/


Picture provided via capture on public Facebook of Trio Madili and other than the information on their website & social media pages, I can source- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trio_Mandili


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