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Alec Chambers is a pop singer/songwriter who has made a place for himself by covering songs on social media. He has an amazing voice that resonates with fans of modern pop music. I had not heard of him, but because my listing of artists lacked a lot of pop-genre power, a friend suggested I look him up. He’s actually a very talented singer. His voice is light and lilting almost. He definitely is into pop and does a lot of cover work in that genre. Recently he released an original song, and so, I felt it was good timing for an article in Untapped Sound.


He’s from small-town Connecticut. He keeps his personal life quiet and so you won’t find out much about him outside of his professional life online. I feel like more celebrities could learn from this. 

What I have found is that Alec Chambers was influenced by his family to really engage with music. He stated in an early interview, “I have a father who was very passionate about playing music when he was my age and he was always in and out of bands his whole life and he had the same sort of dream when he was my age. When I was about thirteen or fourteen he was the one who really got me to want to play music.” When asked who influenced his sound, Alec mentioned his dad, but then also gave credit to Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran, The Script, and a Brooklyn band called Oh Honey. 

I couldn’t word this better than his own web page explains it, so here you go  – he is “known for his ethereal renditions of popular music.” His voice has an airy feel with just a bit of a rasp that goes well with pop, similar in style to Lewis Capaldi or Justin Beiber, or Shawn Mendes. 

Alec did have live performances before the pandemic and is hopeful to continue after, but he came into his own using social media and is absolutely comfortable there. He asks his fans on all of his social media platforms for requests. And then, he performs covers. He’s very active on YouTube especially, where he has over 580K subscribers that tune in for videos that are uploaded frequently.

The only drop-in uploads seem to be around the timeframes when he’s working on his original songs. He has always used his own name, as a matter of fact, his YouTube channel is self-titled as well. He had such success in this that when TikTok was created, he was actually invited by one of the founders to the platform. He now has 2.2 million followers here.  

He’s been featured on Spotify’s dance-pop playlist, Discover Weekly, and 40k other playlists. He’s from small-town Connecticut, where he’s built a fan following as a bedroom cover artist. From his Spotify profile, “His secret is his approachability. He doesn’t just play for his followers, he talks with them. He is their friend, sitting at the end of the bed talking music and life.” This artist has gone from engaging in an intimate setting with his followers to networking the industry without a label and collaborating with other singers and songwriters.

I have to admit, when it comes to any of his original songs, Alec is a great storyteller. His playing of guitar and piano and his ability to mesmerize by pushing his vocals makes him a talented success, even if he qualifies for our Untapped Music website.


While nurturing an intimate connection with his fans, Alec has been writing and recording with respected creators across the musical spectrum. These include Larzz Principato (Dua Lipa, Halsey, Oh Honey, Lovely The Band), Ido Zmishlany (Shawn Mendes, Imagine Dragons), Stavros (AJ Mitchell), Jonah Shai (Chelsea Cutler, Dermot Kennedy), platinum-selling songwriter, Sarah Nagourney (Polina, Wynonna, Oh Honey), Will Simms (The Vamps), Alex Davies (McFly), and Tony Black (Grammy Winner for Alicia Keys). He’s also been writing and recording new material with producer and platinum-selling songwriter, Sarah Nagourney (Polina, Wynonna, Oh Honey), Grammy award-winning Lee Groves (Black Eyed Peas),  and Cooper Anderson (Kanye, Grammy Winner for FUN).


  • Whole Again (2015)
  • Covers (2018)
  • Boston – single – (2019)
  • Cold – single – (2020)
  • Something to Cry About – single – (2020)

Similar Sound – Justin Beiber, One Direction – particularly Harry Styles in his vocal style.


WEBSITE: https://www.aleccmusic.com/

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBHh_sa8Jd-fEDbjy4NWZaQ

SOURCES: The information in this article came from the artist’s own social media, website, and from Wikipedia.org along with –

American Songwriter Interview: Something to Cry About

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